"Lovely Sotantar,
I have to write you this feedback.

Its been 5 times that Ive seen you in the past two years and you have changed my life so dramatically, i cannot express my gratitude enough.
Your hands.. they are a dream. They have activated my kundalini energy in the most fabulous ways. I dont know about the million things you have studied and been initiated in and have healed yourself, but I have never encountered anything like this before. And this is coming from me as a healer myself for decades and being sexually active and healing with both sexes and all kinds of genders. You are so safe, professional, kind, tender, intuitive, and activating to the highest realms of existence. I even walk differently today from your work on my pelvis and sacrum. I truly am speechless about your wisdom!!
I am energized, centered, calm and feel so strong. I know who I am. Encountering you is bliss and I wish for every women on this planet to meet you.

With all my sexual trauma its been hard to find men that I can trust and I cannot believe that I finally found you. This is just beyond. I on purpose wanted to do Tantric Work, Yoni Armour Lifting* and the Energetic Orgasm adventures with a man (cis gendered). I just felt like this would be more healing for me than with women, since I've had plenty of these wonderful encounters already. But its hard to find male energies that dont feel icky in some way.

How is it possible that you commited yourself to healing women on this planet in such an inspiring way? So selfless. So stunning. So deep. My heart goes to you.

So this is to anyone who is considering taking a session with you. Do it. Don't hesitate. I can truly and deeply recommend this safe and healing experience meeting Sotantar.

My sex life changed. My orgasms changed. The way I feel about my body changed. My whole being is changed. To the better. I feel amazing. Loving towards myself and the world.

You can stop in those sessions any time. You can truly connect to yourself and be yourself with Sotantar. He checks in with you, cares for your comfort, and has the most blissful hands currently on this planet. I have searched for years to meet someone like this and am in heaven to have found him.

Thank you from the depth of my heart to be such a unique feminist, antisexist, healing trantic practioner that dedicated his life to change on this planet in such generous ways.
With love, truly, L... "

* the original word had to be changed to Armour Lifting due to registered trademark reglementation, which is a total bullshit in my eyes!